Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Found Items

Hi - my last post on the mesh bikinis I found at Bare Rose made me think of other things I've found or adapted for the Colossi.  Hair is probably the most commonly adapted item (no rigged mesh hair sadly, since it can't be resized) but here are a couple of other really nice items that, while they weren't released for the Colossi, work very well:

Glamorous Petite Skins - Jeanette's Joint by Jeannette Doobie

While I'm currently working on making more skin options available for the Colossi than what is sold at my store, this is one option that was designed for Petites but works great on Colossi too.  JJ's petite skins are texture files based on the standard SL UV map which works for both Petites and Colossi.  Since all Colossi are mod, it's a fairly simple process to apply the skins to the avi and the end result looks great.  The personality kits provide a range of different makeup looks and there are both male and female skins available.  The skins do say 'for Petite Mesh Avatars only' but I've tested them on Colossi and they work fine.  If you're concerned, there are also demos you can try out.

Word of caution - while the skins work great on Colossi, not everything at Jeanette's Joint will.  The finger and toenail sets for petites are based on a different UV map, so her lovely manicure sets can't be adapted.

FATEeyes - FATE by Damien Fate

These are probably the best eyes I've found in Second Life for any avi - highly detailed, incredibly customizable and absolutely gorgeous.  Best of all, resizing them to fit the Colossi is incredibly easy.  Last time I visited the in-world store, the eyes weren't on display - but you can get them easily enough from the marketplace.  There's also a really cool demo video available here: FATEeyes v2.0

Here's a Pic of me wearing both the FATEeyes and the ~Peony~ skin from JJ's with the ~Dahlia~ personality package.

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