Wednesday, April 17, 2013

2013 Fantasy Faire - Special Editiions

It's about time to preview my donation items for the 2013 Fantasy Faire.  My special edition avatar is called Golem, and will be available in both male and female versions for both Colossi and normal sized Avis.  In addition to the detailed rock-like texture, each Golem comes with a pair of color change Gem eyes.  You'll be able to purchase them at my store in Lumineria while the Faire is running.

In addition, I created a gift item for the Fantasy Faire Key of Hope Hunt.   It includes male and female full avatars.  The skin color is one of my favorites, a pale indigo I call Newton (after Sir Isaac Newton who added indigo to the rainbow).  The outfit is a normal sized version of the Spartan outfit included with my first and most popular Colossi, the Titan.

Anyways - here they are.

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